Everyone needs “a person”…

On Greys Anatomy, the tv show … the main character Dr. Grey has “a person” – Christina Yang. Christina represents a bff.. but it’s more than that… it’s a level of trust, love, understanding, compassion and acceptance that transcends life experiences. It’s unapologetically unconditional. When the concept was first introduced in an episode, I understood it like I had wrote it.

That’s it…. that’s what I’ve always wanted… since I was a child… even now as adult… I long for “my person”. You know the person that gets you completely! Will stand up with you and for you! Will hug you when the world is unforgiving. Will sit in silence with you if that’s what you need. The person who will stand in your corner as well as behind you, to have your back when life gets confusing and stressful. Will accept you, grow with you and love you … flaws and all.

Trust is a big part of being someone’s person as well as being able to have ” a person”. Trust is key to so many of the issues survivors face…. Trust of ourselves, what we feel, what we think, what we remember, what we know, what we need….what we are..

With God as my guide I’m gonna have “a person”…. more importantly I’m gonna be “a person”…❀️


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