Prayer Line.. Free and FREE Indeed

Good morning! ! This morning on the prayerline “FREEDOM FRIDAY” we discussed “Free and FREE indeed” John 8:31-36; 8:1-10; Romans 6:10-14. This morning are you a Believer? If Yes, then im speaking to you! Jesus said if you hold to his teachings, you are really his disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the…… Continue reading Prayer Line.. Free and FREE Indeed


Mr Domino… My Yorkiepoo… My Love

Many of you have seen him before on my blog Here are some more pictures of my best friend: He’s still adorable. Still my best friend. Even though lately, he’s been waking me up at 2am to go outside šŸ˜³…. I’m still in love ā¤ļø (Don’t tell him… this 2am thing is getting oldšŸ˜‚)…… Continue reading Mr Domino… My Yorkiepoo… My Love


What kind of emoji day are you having?

Communication and devices we have used has changed over the last 40 years. From handwritten letters mailed to each other, to phones connected to the wall outlet, to cell phones the size of a book bag, to cell phones small enough to fit in your pocket and are with you 24 hrs a day. In…… Continue reading What kind of emoji day are you having?


Get out of my head…

Get out of my own way Negative thoughts took up residency and they stayed Paying no rent Just keeping me bent Im in my head fighting for today Trying to keep history away Living for now, is a struggle I endure For the pain I survived, changed my demure I’m here in this moment, in…… Continue reading Get out of my head…