Prayer Line.. Free and FREE Indeed

Good morning! ! This morning on the prayerline “FREEDOM FRIDAY” we discussed “Free and FREE indeed” John 8:31-36; 8:1-10; Romans 6:10-14. This morning are you a Believer? If Yes, then im speaking to you! Jesus said if you hold to his teachings, you are really his disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the…… Continue reading Prayer Line.. Free and FREE Indeed


Jesus… this is hard!!!

Jesus … this is hard!! I did what you said… I asked… I used wisdom… I’ve prayed and now I’m here. I stand… bent over but I stand. I don’t know but then again I do know. I think … I kept it inside… I wore the mask … I walked like others and died…… Continue reading Jesus… this is hard!!!


In relationships we have to be accountable… 

Ok, so you’ve met this man or woman and they are amazing! Rockets are going off, birds are singing, and you think the heavens have finally heard your prayers! The feeling of new love is an exhilarating experience. Fast forward a few months. You still feel this person is special and you may even be…… Continue reading In relationships we have to be accountable…