Prayer Line.. Free and FREE Indeed

Good morning! ! This morning on the prayerline “FREEDOM FRIDAY” we discussed “Free and FREE indeed” John 8:31-36; 8:1-10; Romans 6:10-14. This morning are you a Believer? If Yes, then im speaking to you! Jesus said if you hold to his teachings, you are really his disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the…… Continue reading Prayer Line.. Free and FREE Indeed


Prayer Line … What keeps you Paralyzed, Lame and Blind

Good morning! This morning on the prayerline we discussed “What keeps you Paralyzed, Lame and Blind” John 5:1-15; Matthew 25:31-40; 3John 2. There are many in the church today who wait, metaphorically speaking, by the pool of Bethesda hoping to be carried into the pool of Healing Waters. The meaning of Healing: the process of…… Continue reading Prayer Line … What keeps you Paralyzed, Lame and Blind


Prayer Line… Word Encouragement Day!

Good morning! This morning on the prayerline: Today is word of encouragement Day! Psalms 1:1-3; 3 John 1:2; Ps. 9:1-2; Lamentation 3:19-23. We was encouraged by the spirit of God this morning! Somebody this morning is feeling depressed, down trodden, feeling like there back is against the wall, feeling like there is no hope, feeling…… Continue reading Prayer Line… Word Encouragement Day!


Jesus… this is hard!!!

Jesus … this is hard!! I did what you said… I asked… I used wisdom… I’ve prayed and now I’m here. I stand… bent over but I stand. I don’t know but then again I do know. I think … I kept it inside… I wore the mask … I walked like others and died…… Continue reading Jesus… this is hard!!!


Prayer Line… Obedience

Good morning! My Redeemer lives! Today on the prayer we discussed “Obedience” 1Samuel 15:22-23;Isa. 1:19; Exo. 19:15;John 15:9-10;2 Corith. 10:5-6; James 1:22-25. Obedience means: Compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to anothers authority. Obedience is better then Sacrifice; God is letting us know that its not about our big offering we give…… Continue reading Prayer Line… Obedience


I’m breathing …

I’m breathing … My chest rises as I inhale… I’m breathing My chest caves as I exhale…. Lungs filling with new air..a new moment… air never breathed before… new Exhaling smog, mixed with yesterday’s thoughts, a moment agos feelings, a second agos words… I exhale… Disgust, Hate, Uglyness comes up like bile .. rising in…… Continue reading I’m breathing …