How to be dressed correctly for all occasions…

You always want to look your best! Well, let me be real, sometimes I just want to be comfortable regardless of how I look: Old baggy jogging pants, and a favorite hole filled, large, non matching tee shirt, with mismatched fluffy socks – now that’s an outfit worth Vogue! Why? Cause it’s me being comfortable in my own skin.

Now, don’t worry, you won’t catch me out often in that outfit. But I do sneak on occasion to the mailbox or the grocery store. Often praying that I don’t run into anyone I know. (Of course that’s when I see everyone I know)

I get dressed everyday, often without thought … underwear, socks, pants, shirt etc. It’s monotonous. I have an end result in mind and a goal to be achieved. Last look in the mirror to make sure hair is on point, makeup is poppin. Deodorant? (I honestly don’t know how, but I’ve left the house on more than one occasion, without using deodorant😳) Perfume? Shoes? Yes I now have to check my shoes… not to confirm that I’m wearing them, but that they match … I actually arrived at work one day wearing this… and didn’t realize it until mid afternoon 🤦🏽‍♀️ (how? Well that’s a post for another time 😂)

Ok now that Im dressed …let’s go! But wait.. Im missing something …..?

What? The Armor of GOD!

Ok NOW I am dressed for any occasion. One more check in the mirror… Let’s go!

God Bless and I pray this blesses you!


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