I would trade places with my kids in a heart beat…

Here’s the scenario: Your child is experiencing major discomfort in some way. They could be physically ill, in pain, in the hospital or just not feeling well.

They could be going through a life experience: break up of a relationship, someone is treating them unfairly, the trials and tribulations that come with purchasing their first house.

As a parent it kills me to see my kids in a struggle. The worst is when my kids are sick! I would “trade places with them in a heartbeat”. No doubt. No explanation. No questions asked. I would jump in and go thru it for them. From birth thru adulthood I would do that. The reason? Simply, I love them! I love them like the blessings they are! I love them because of an infinite amount of reasons. I love them! Period!

This prompted a question to rise in my consciousness….

I love Jesus! Would I have jumped in without question? Without pause? Without concern? Would I have traded places because of my love for him when he was hurting? Would I have jumped in and carried that cross? Would I have taken all that he went through because of my love for him? Would I have “traded places with him in a heartbeat?”

This thought for me was so deep….

I’m asking that if you’ve read this far in the post and you wish to share your thoughts please do.

What would you do? How do you feel about this thought process? Can you relate?

Let’s talk about our love for Jesus!

Let’s talk about our journey and our growth in this journey – called life.

No judgment! Just love and support here and a need to connect…

God Bless and thank you for reading.

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