Be Strong and Courageous in the Lord

Good morning! This morning on the prayerline we discussed “Be Strong and Courageous in the Lord” Joshua 1:1-9;Romans 8:31;2 Timothy 1:7; Acts 1:8; Philippians 1:14; Eph.6:10-18. This morning God is saying to his followers that its time for you to ARISE! He has given you a assignment today. He said that wherever the sole of your foot shall tread upon shall be given to you. Wherever you go you will possess that land. If your household is in disarray or out of order when you step in to your home; Arise and you will set it in order according to Gods promise. If your marriage is falling apart; You can ARISE and step in and it will be Restored. God is saying that you have to be strong and Courageous for he is with you and will be with you Always! God spoke to Joshua 3 times telling him to Be Strong and Courageous. The last time he said it, he said “be not afraid”. The opposite of Courage is Fear(False Evidence Appearing Real) like Joshua;God knows what we will deal with concerning the assignment that He has assigned to us. But God promises us that if we follow his directions, stay the course, stay focused, and meditate on his word day and night; He will make our way prosperous, and we will have good Success! Isn’t that Great news! So today ARISE and Be strong in the Lord, dont allow your Fears and all his Family members(Doubt, worry, confusion, Negativity and distractions) keep you from the assignment that God has for you! Its not by your might, nor by your power, but by the Spirit says the Lord! Be Blessed

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