Prayer Line… Dealing with the Impossibilities

Good morning! This morning on the prayerline we talked about “Dealing with the Impossibilties” Luke 18:27; Matthews 14:22-29;Proverbs 3:5-6. Jesus said “Whats impossible to man is Possible with God”. The meaning of Impossibilty: The quality or state of being impossible. Meaning of possibility: the condition or fact of being possible; one’s utmost power, capacity, or ability; something that is possible. This morning I’m encouraging you to Step out the boat in Faith! Peter was an example of taking the impossible and making it Possible! Even though he turn his focus on his situation or surroundings; as the storm started to rise and the start to blow. Like Peter we to find ourselves stepping out on Faith, for example: some of us wanted to go back to college to get a degree. We go and sign up and we start; we get to the second or third semester or year and the storm of Financial problems starts to show its face and we start to focus our eyes on. Fear, worry, Doubt & excuses starts to take over and we start to sink, our Faith starts to falter. Our Faith lapse and then; with all that is in us; our faith the size of a mustard; steps in and we cry out ” Jesus HELP ME” and Jesus hears your cry and comes to your rescue! And then you invite him into your situation. Today someone may have some Impossibilties in your life that seems to you that the “Possible” Can not happen. Trust in the Lord with your heart and lean not to your understanding. In all your ways Acknowledge him and he will direct your path. Step out on Faith, Invite Jesus in your boat and watch the storms of life cease and become easy to deal with. Dont let the weight of your problems cause you to sink, Remember God Specializes in things that seem Impossible, and he can do what NO other God can do. Be Blessed

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