To reintroduce myself

This blogging journey has been a hard gut wrenching experience. But it’s also been an experience of healing and connection. I’ve met so many wonderful, awesome, strong, real, beautiful, courageous, supportive survivors. I am grateful for each of you.

For those that are new to my blog…I thought maybe I would introduce you to my experience … to my journey. Connection is key for me. If anything you read here connects for you please know that you are not alone. I write to connect. I write to speak my truth. I write to get better and I know that being broken is a life long journey of healing.

Some of my journey is listed below:

(Please make sure you are in a safe place as some of these post contain possible triggers)

I am actually proud of myself for being able to finally speak… my voice was silent for many years.

My first public speaking :

Publicly reading “Mirror”

A piece I’m feel grateful to have finally written:

NightMare twin

Opening up about my way of surviving pain

My first tattoo was of a semicolon

– representing the semicolon project:

My second tattoo clearly explained in I’m fine /save me shows how the truth is the lie.. (flip the picture upside down)

There is still much I still have to say…

Somebody please hear me…


    • We have and my blog is my only way to speak and not be in fear of judgement. I needed to speak my truth (once I found my words). Now that i have some ability to speak and a safe platform to do it I have found some healing…. there is much healing that needs to be done. I truly thank you for taking the time to read my post but even more so I appreciate your response. We are not alone in our survival and you affirmed that for me today. Much love 😊💕

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