The journey of medication

It’s not the diagnose… it’s the trial and error. It’s if the meds stop working. It’s the feelings all over again. It’s the commitment to keep trying it …the commitment to what?

What is the commitment? One wants to feel better but the pain never ends. My illness is no different than physically illness in my opinion. If I choose to not continue my treatment and end my suffering shouldn’t that be ok?

The world is judgmental. Emotional pain doesn’t get the same pass. But why is that? There is no transplant that will cure me. The treatment comes informs of therapy, meds, & self care cocktails.

When you just don’t give a damn any more… then what?

My meds are not working up to standards. Realization that my up hill battle will ALWAYS be an up hill battle.

There’s fear of changing meds. What if they don’t work. Who wants to fall below the bottom of the bucket again? The strength it takes to pull yourself up again? Way too big of a price.

Meds have kept me (somewhat). But at what cost? If someone chooses to discontinue meds. Is this a crime?

Meds are not working, decisions must be made….

Perhaps the decisions were made way before the meds were ever started…

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