Good morning

Good morning.

I don’t know what I want to write about as I have many ideas just swimming around in my head. I want to discuss mental health. Or my love for my kids. Perhaps, I should talk about what ive learned thru my life as a survivor. Perhaps my journey of life itself is a topic for discussion.

All are great topics but none are ready to be dug into. I wanna go deep but, im not feeling it today.

Today its raining outside and im off from work.

I took time for me today. Strange it seems but im ok with my decision to take a personal day just for that … personal care. Ive don’t nothing special but that in it self is special.

You know what I realize by writing this post? I wish I had someone to tell about my day. To tell about the moments when I just wanna share my experience. Nothing major just a pair of ears to hear… no….listen to my day, and that moment in a day when something is so exciting or shocking or sad that telling someone else is all you wish to do.

Yep I want a partner. What I want is what I can give. Nothing special. But that’s it… Its not special to those that have it. But for me it would be amazing and awesome.

So good morning… Good afternoon and good evening…

What happened in your day today?

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