Decreased breathe sounds. Coughing that often leads to throwing up. Now it’s steroids and if that doesn’t work then a nebulizer at home.
Im exhausted. Walk out side I cough, temperature change I cough, walk inside I cough, talking and inhaling at the same time i cough, night time I cough and God forbid something is funny.. Smh, it’s a whole coughing production where I’m the star! It ends with tears, dry heaves if I’m lucky and tears. Because when you cough hard enough to propel yourself forward with such force, if the fear doesn’t get you the strain of said force will.
Just for fun you go to the doctor for a nebulizer treatment which seems to take edge off. Meds are prescribed for a 30 day supply that cost as much as a small car payment. I guess I’m passing on that. Steroids? Well if i have to. So I’m taking them. First night. Can’t sleep. Breathing only marginally better tonight. Monday I’m calling to get a nebulizer. It used to work instantly… it didn’t this time. But perhaps if i can implement it more often it will make a difference. My allergies go off the charts every year when the weather changes. The worst of this is my physical symptoms only to be out weighted significantly by the cost of med just to breath. The industry has us literally by the throat. You have to breath right?
….Or do you?


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