Living in HIS Purpose

On my knees I pray

Seeking HIS face everyday

I ask for one thing only my LORD

Keep me in your grace, never cut that cord

For in me is a deeply embedded desire

To do your will and elevate my praise higher

I know I fall short everyday

Often stumbling along the way

Keeping my eyes on you I know

That you will show me the way to go

Keeping my hearts door open to you

Trusting you to tell me what to do

I know you will never lead me wrong

I need to stay focused and keep calm

For YOUR WILL I want done

Everyday of my life and all the years to come

You called my name and I’ve ignored it enough

No more playing deaf hiding behind all life’s stuff

I’m here and open to your will

Lead me God show me the deal

I accept the journey, this path you’ve laid

So grateful that in my life you’ve stayed

I’m your soldier marching on and on

To the end of this journey where in your arms… I’ll be done.