I am spreading the message that child abuse is not right

I am standing with others who are standing to fight

No more hitting, beating, yelling or screams

Children need love, protection, nurturing and dreams

I pray that my story touches more than one

I will keep on sharing it because I’m not done

Expressing myself and saying the truth

No more hiding in shame about my youth

I was hit and hurt and degraded and shamed

Those who do this to children deserve all the blame

Time is my friend because going forward I’ll do

Anything and everything to make it clear to you

Don’t hit your children and be careful of what you say

The damage once done you can’t take away

The pain, shame and changes to their soul

When you hit, yell and beat a child… What is your goal?

Think for a moment what are you trying to do?

Make a child be quiet because they are bothering you?

Children deserve your patience, love and your praise

I was a child once I know of what I say

Don’t take away a child’s soul it’s the only one they have

Don’t beat who they are out of them just to make yourself glad

I ask you to hear me and hear my pain

I am crying out to you to stop and stop again

Saying you are doing “the best you can” as you rape a child’s soul

You are no longer ignorant now because you have been told

Of the hurt and pain you can cause as a result of actions that you do

Stop! Please hear me now make changes in your life and you

Time is what you have so think of that today

Don’t hit or scream or beat think of another way

Your child deserves the best they are a gift you see

Treat them as if they are glass as they break so easily

Wish someone had explained this to my mother when I was just a child

Perhaps she would have listened and taken a lifetime vow

To not hurt me…. my soul….. and I

Not kill the little girl that lived alone inside

Please hear my story

I tell it regardless of my pride

I am standing with others who now stand tall by my side

We are a band of many who are telling our story true

Praying you will hear us and make a difference in you

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