Alone time 

Amazing how much things change they stay the same… as a child growing up being abused I would feel as safe as I could when I was in my room alone…. but I hated it…. the being alone part… always thought I couldn’t wait to be with people .. around people and have people in my life. Now as an adult I cherish the times when I am completely alone… no one to judge, no one to complain, no one….


  1. I like being alone because sometimes i feel that the only one who truly understands me is me . Well i just wanted to tell that if you ever need anyone to talk to , ill be there.

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    • I feel exactly the same way😊… but sometimes it gets excruciatingly lonely .. those times are the toughest. Thank you for your support and I too will be here if you ever need to talk… I am thankful we connected ❤️😊


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