Saying good bye to my therapist… 

As I’ve known this day would come I have pondered over what would be the most appropriate and best way to say what my time with you has meant…This is what I came up with…

You are my mental mother. You helped/supported/encouraged and guided the little girl inside the person who sits before you today. She was broken, damaged and a shell of a person. Over the years I have shown you

me broken, shared my damages and shown how I learned to walk in this life holding my self together with tape and glue…

I no longer use tape and glue thanks to you … I get to use my current reality…

I am an awesome person! I can be loved and liked … I am enough and always was!
I often hear your words in my head of things we’ve discussed in the past and those tools you have given me have been worth more than I can express… they are little treasures like one finds on a treasure hunt for diamonds. Those words have helped to replace the tape of pain and negativity that used to play often and loud in my head and heart.

You hold my secrets; things I never spoken to another individual or probably will speak of again.

Yes you have mothered the person who sits before you…

You took care of me in ways a mother should…

I am going forth because of you… I have changed a generational pattern because of you….

I am alive, well, happy in my skin, and most of all present!
To you B I say thank you for loving me enough… and more than I could have dreamed was possible!
I am powerful now because I am finally me!

I love you

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