Fibroids I survived them

It started as irregular periods. Progressed to periods that lasted longer than normal. I went to the dr after about a year of this, only to find that I was in the beginning stages of menopause. Whew I thought… ok I can live with this. Boy was I wrong!
The irregular periods weren’t so bad… at first. But they soon became unbeatably irregular and lengthy. I’d have one and 1/2 periods a month that would last 10 days for the first one and 4 days for the second. Spending 1/2 month tied to tampons may not sound like a lot but imagine this going on for months. As the months progress the periods got heavier, more painful and more and more irregular … sometimes I didn’t even get one. Then it started …PAIN! It started slowly; just a tinge at first then the pain became stronger along with heavier bleeding … months passed and I’m spotting almost 30 days continuously with flow being heavier and unstable in terms of regularity and consistency. So off to the dr again I go.
This time I’m given birth control pills to help regulate my period and I’m put on iron pills and vitamin d. My blood work showed deficiency so pills was supposed to be the solution.
My face acne was out of control! My hormones were all over the place. A tragic reality was beginning and I was lost between trying to ignore it because of fear and managing it because that’s what women do. I have kids, a job, responsibilities. This period thing or menopausal thing was going to figure it self out right? I mean I have been contributing most of life to the tampon industry the fact that I am buying twice as many monthly and in more pain than ever … it’s a woman thing right? This will go away right? Wrong! Boy how wrong I was…


    • The ordeal is behind me and my third and final post will be published tomorrow… it’s a horrific experience to go thru. What makes it worse is drs don’t always have the best of information. I can only hope there becomes more options and better treatment in the future

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