Fibroids- continued

Now I’m taking pills hoping beyond hope that something takes control of this menopause experience. Everyday I was on edge hoping the birth control pills would regulate what had been for most of my life a regular cycle. One day on my way home from work I had the worse pain… I was driving and thought something had burst inside of me it hurt so bad.. I was on my period at the time and could fee that the tampon I was currently using was failing… I pulled into a wawa discreetly and quickly went to the restroom where I passed something the size of baseball. It was like a murder scene and I was scared. From that day on passing large clots became part of the norm as did pain, tiredness and irregularity.

Another visit to the doctor and I was told to see a gyn. Months go by because I’m a new patient (don’t get me started on this issue) I finally have my appointment. My life has turned upside down … I am bleeding almost 24/7… wearing tampons with pads. Carrying extra female products And clothes wherever I go. Afraid to sit down and more afraid to stand up. Walking along at work I would feel the leak start and pray I could make it to the restroom in time. Gushing blood. Crime scenes each and every time I’m in the restroom. Pain beyond belief.. numbness in my left leg going all the way to my foot. Days were bad, nights no better… the birth control pills never worked, iron pills was causing me problems and weren’t helping as iron is something that builds up over time. I’m depressed, embarrassed and don’t know what is going on.
Thank goodness for my gyn appointment.. she said my symptoms appeared to be from fibroids. She scheduled me for an internal ultrasound. One week later I had the ultrasound and was confirmed … I had fibroids! Relief? Not really … cause now I have to decide what to do… what options do I have… whatever I decided.. one thing was for sure .. it had to work and I couldn’t take time off from work … what I went thru was a learning lesson that lead to a decision that changed my life….

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