Words of expression

Calling all survivors of child abuse

So I’ve been looking for you… yes YOU!

I was beaten, strangled, verbally assaulted and mentally abused as a child.

Were you? I ask because I can’t find you.. what I experienced was abuse! But when I type in “child abuse survivors” on google or other search engines very little comes up for those that experienced physical abuse as children There is much out there for survivors of child sexual abuse. 

Is that because people believe that beating is discipline? Is that because corporal punishment of a child is seen as the parents  “raising” of a child. Is that because many still say..”well I was beaten as a child and I survived”  Isn’t a violation of a child a violation? Is child sexual abuse seen as more of a violation than beating a child? Both break the child! Both violate and both cause irreversible damage! 

I know I’m not alone as a survivor of child abuse… my heart breaks for anyone who was violated in anyway during their childhood. Nothing is more devastating to a child than an adult who uses their power against a child. 

I stand with all survivors… I just wanted others to know if you were beaten, mentally abused, emotionally abused as a child.. you are not alone.. 

I’ve been searching for you … to let you know there is someone else out here that understands, recognizes and validates your experience.

Let’s reach out to each other… 

We are not alone…

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