Get out of my head…

Get out of my own way
Negative thoughts took up residency and they stayed

Paying no rent
Just keeping me bent

Im in my head fighting for today
Trying to keep history away

Living for now, is a struggle I endure
For the pain I survived, changed my demure

I’m here in this moment, in this time and place
The past is with me, it is my base

Somewhere deep inside, I know I need to change
Make the past no longer my future, and the future no longer my pain

The past is gone, this moment is what I have                                                                  The future is not promised, and the past is the past

My blessing is that God had me, then and now
Tomorrow isn’t promised, but God gave me His vow
To take care of me then and He has up till now

So with proof of his goodness, and proof of his love
I’m gonna stay with him, like a hand fits a glove

Thanking God for yesterday and a better tomorrow
I’m his child and I don’t have to feel any more sorrow


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