Me and My 3…

To my children,

Time moved so quickly … I blinked and you were in middle school… I blinked again … And you were 18… I blinked again … And you are grown …pushing forward in your own lives …making your own decisions… Living your adult life…

Know that the first time I saw you my thoughts were “My GOD how precious”

My dreams of your tomorrows was always on my mind… “If I don’t get today right… My kids won’t have a tomorrow” was my mantra.. Tomorrow is now.

Collectively and individually you are the best of your father and me …

I am proud to call you MY kids…

God blessed me with my three


  1. Awesome. You broke the cycle of abuse.

    I have three grown children also. And now, they have a total of three grown children between them. I blinked one more time!

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