I am an Overcomer…

Ask for a demotion at work to get paid less than a 1/4 of what you are currently making. Irresistible idea right? I mean, use this example: suppose you are making $100,000 a year. You are going to ask to starting making $25,000. before taxes?? Sounds crazy right? Go ahead admit it.. it’s crazy! But,…… Continue reading I am an Overcomer…


How to be dressed correctly for all occasions…

You always want to look your best! Well, let me be real, sometimes I just want to be comfortable regardless of how I look: Old baggy jogging pants, and a favorite hole filled, large, non matching tee shirt, with mismatched fluffy socks – now that’s an outfit worth Vogue! Why? Cause it’s me being comfortable…… Continue reading How to be dressed correctly for all occasions…


Gods in control

Gods in control. That’s hard to say but it’s a truth for me. Control is hard for me to relinquish. “Control” is like a favorite stuffed animal for children or sweats, hot coco and a warm blanket on winter cold nights for an adult. Control is comforting. Being born and raised being abused I learned…… Continue reading Gods in control


Cord cutting… I did it!

I cut the cord! Yessssss I did it! Jumping for joy and screaming at the top of my lungs … “I’m freeeeeeee” No more contracts. No more outrageous Cable bills. No more bundles and packages that i don’t understand or care about. No more extra charges that weren’t disclosed in the beginning but showed up…… Continue reading Cord cutting… I did it!


Daniel Fast – My Experience

I tried it and at first i thought i failed. Day 3 at 6pm I started to feel sooooo sick. Nausea, sweating and a deep sense of hunger or maybe it was low sugar. One thing for sure I was sick! The kind of sick that you think you might die. Immediately I started shoving…… Continue reading Daniel Fast – My Experience