Prayer Line… Grace and Mercy

Presented by Michelle Fassett Pastor of Staying Focused Christian Life Ministries

Join us Monday-Friday at 5am on the conference line:

1 (605) 475-4120. Enter code 3761294. Please mute your phones.

Prayer Line 2/20/2018

Good morning! This morning on the prayer line we talked about “God’s Grace” Ephesians 2:8; Roman 12:1-2; Micah 6:1-7. Grace is a constant theme in the Bible. God shows both mercy and Grace, but they are not the same. Mercy withholds a punishment we deserve, but Grace gives a blessing we don’t deserve. And mercy, God chose to cancel or sin debt by sacrificing his perfect son in our place. But he goes even further than Mercy and extends Grace to his enemies. He offers us forgiveness, reconciliation, abundant life, eternal treasure, His Holy Spirit, and a place in heaven with him someday when we accept his offer and place our faith in his sacrifice. We know the scriptures Proclaim that God is gracious, but many struggle to believe it. Others wonder what Grace actually looks like. If we take seriously the righteousness of God and the heinousness of our sin every day, we might find ourselves asking God, do you still love me? Or why are you so patient with me? Or why haven’t you killed me for what I’ve done? Nevertheless, when we, as sinful and rebellious prodigal children, spit in his face, wallow in our sin, and grieve his Spirit, he calls us to repentance with open and loving arms saying, “Come home, Child”. He’s not ignorant of all the ways we have sinned against him. He knows everything we’ve ever done and is able to stomach it. His knowledge of who we really are really never hinder his love for us. He’s even aware of the evil behind our righteous deeds. The intimacy by which the Lord knows us but is able to lovingly and embrace us as his children is Supernatural. God’s grace is mind-blowing. Every time I think of this reality, I’m brought to tears because I serve a God whose love and grace baffles me. So today Proclaim God’s Amazing Grace that he bestows upon us on a daily basis, don’t take him for granted;

instead walk in the spirit of Graditude!! Be Bless😊


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