Survivors… How are you?

How are you? How have you been? How do you feel? Are you ok?

Now before you answer and say “I’m fine”…I want the answer that first popped in your head. Not the revised, cleaned up, deleted and deleted again answer… You know the one “I’m fine”. “I’m fine” that answer you give because you don’t want to go there. The answer that you give because you are afraid of judgement. The one that you use because you are afraid that the other person won’t understand you. Or worse yet, they will minimize your feelings and say.. “just get over it”, or “not this again” or they change the subject because they are uncomfortable, but in reality they have never been as uncomfortable as you are in that moment. I want you to be utterly and uniquely you. Tell me the truth.

You see it’s will be ok.. I’m not going to judge you, I’m not going to abandon you in this moment of truth. I’m still gonna be here later and tomorrow and the next day. If your answer remains the same today, tomorrow, next week… I’ll still be here. Truly I’m asking because I want to know. You’ve survived the trauma… now let’s survive the healing process together…

So again I ask … how are you… truly?


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