Prayer Line… How Gods Words is Dependable

Good morning! This morning on the prayer line we discussed “How Gods word is Dependable” Psalms 119:41-48; 2 Timothy 2:12; John 8:32. This Morning as I was studing verses 41-48 above the verses was a Hebrew word “Waw” I looked up the hebrew word and an image of the word was Hook, a nail, and a Peg. It symbolizes the hooks of silver fastened to post that held the curtains of the Tabernacle and other tents. When I looked at the three words that represents the “Waw” it made me think about the cross the suffering of Christ, His “Unfailing Love” for us that gave of “Salvation”. Psalms 119:41-48 shows us how Gods word is dependable and true and we should never be a Shame or feel let down in any way because of his Word. Gods word has the power to do what it claims to be able to do. God word assures us we can endure the “Taunts” of men for having trusted in the promise of Salvation found in Gods word. We will suffer as Christ suffered for proclaiming the gosple of our Lord! People is not going to understand the Freedom we have in God! All because we have sought Gods word! His love does not compare to our love. Our love depends on the receiver of the love. Let a thousand people pass before us, and we would not feel the same about each. Our love will be regulated by their appearance, & their personalities. Even when we find a few people we like, our feelings will fluctuate. How they treat us will affect how we love them. The receiver regulates our love. Not so with God. He has no thermostat impact on his love for us. The love of God is born from within him, not from what he finds in us. His love is uncaused and spontaneous. The truth sets us free from guilt and shame, worry, doubt, & all our fears. Jesus said the same thing when he promised: you would know the truth and the truth will set you free. Go forth today walk-in freedom; with your Dependable friend Jesus!

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