Prayer Line… Convictions that encourage perseverance

Good morning! This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it! This morning on the prayer line we discussed “Convictions that encourage Perseverance” Psalms 119:73-80; 1Corinthians 15:58; Psalms 34:19. In verses 73-80 the Psalmist is experiencing some persistent type of Affliction, he has been promised some great blessing. He waits for God’s word to be fulfilled. He says “My creator has a plan for my life, the Lord would do what is best for me. He encourages the heart of The Godly, he says he is righteous and faithful & afflicting Me, he is loving and compassionate to comfort me, he brings to the light my soul because he disciplines Me In Love. He takes care of those who have wrongfully dealt with me. This is helping us all to realize that through all our afflictions we serve a Great God. He lets us know that everything that we go through; when we feel rejected when we feel like we want to quit, when we feel like walking away from God, even when we feel like we are in despair! he lets us know that he will never turn his back on us! he said he’ll never leave us nor forsake us. This study lets us know that the main targets of our Obedience to Gods word during our Afflictions is Other believers “those who fear the Lord and those who know your Testimonies. And to the non-believer that they be ashamed.” Remember God’s word is True and is there to help us; It is there to lead us, it is there to guide us through all that we go through God’s word says “The righteous person may have many troubles but the Lord delivers them from them all” so today let’s realize that even in the midst of turmoil, sickness, heartache, downturns, Brokenness, and moments of need; He is still faithful and still has our best interest in mind. Therefore Push through, Endure Grow, Mature and see that if God is allowing a trial; it is your trustworthiness that is being tested not his! Be Bless and have a wonderful day

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