Prayer Line … Acts1: 7,8

Saints this was sent to me there is Power in agreement! !

Good morning. Acts 1:7,8. I remember when I first read and learned of this scripture. I was so excited to know that there was power that came from the Holy Spirit. As I matured in the things of God, there have been times that I allowed circumstances and people to deplete my power. Thank God, it never stopped me from sharing the Gospel, but I can always identify when the power cord has a fray in it. Sometimes I say it is like kryptonite…..all that power being zapped out of me in an instant being in the wrong place or situation. As we continue to seek the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and receive those things God desires to manifest for us, the ONLY way to do so is by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us into all truth. There will be times we don’t want to accept the truth, and those are the times we need to check our power source. God leads us to green pastures where we

can take off our shoes and the ground is moist. If, at any time we feel like we’re struggling to walk it out, we need to check our power source. I HAVE to stay connected to the power because that is where my deliverance and blessings lie. Don’t be fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing., their primary goal is to strip you of your power. Don’t get weary waiting on your kingdom promises….just as Jesus told the disciples in this scripture, it is not for us to know the times and seasons for which God has put His authority, all we need is to stay connected to the power source and keep lifting up the name of Jesus. Go out today with the power that comes from on high in full expectation of all God has in store for you on this day.

Words of Pastor Michelle Fassett of Staying Focused Christian Life Ministries

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