Prayer Line… Obedience

Good morning! My Redeemer lives! Today on the prayer we discussed “Obedience” 1Samuel 15:22-23;Isa. 1:19; Exo. 19:15;John 15:9-10;2 Corith. 10:5-6; James 1:22-25. Obedience means: Compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to anothers authority. Obedience is better then Sacrifice; God is letting us know that its not about our big offering we give in church, its not about how we sing on the worship team, its not about how we preach in a pulpit or teach Bible study or how much we read his word or even when you give your last dollar to a homeless person; and you not Obedient to his word; everything you do means nothing! If your not Obedient to his word! God is saying”I see what you bring But what are you doing?” see God sees what you are doing when you leave church; when you are alone; no one else is around, see we may fool man, but we cant fool God, He sees all things. We have to learn to fight and demolish disobedience in our life. Stop trying to use Grace as a Trump card

To justify our wrong doings. Justifying is another form of witchcraft. We have to Thank God for sending us warning before destruction and that goes to show his devine Love towards us is Great. We have to make a conscious decision to be obedient. Because God word says that “if you are willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land”. and today I choose to be obedient because one of my desires is to always eat the good of the land to enjoy what God has for me on this Earth. I don’t want to wait until I get to heaven to receive all of my rewards I want to also receive my rewards/Blessings while I’m here on Earth. So Lord please Help us to walk in the Spirit of Obedience today! Be Bless 😎

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