Prayer Line… Living a Discipline Prayer Life

Presented by Michelle Fassett Pastor of Staying Focused Christian Life Ministries

Join us Monday-Friday at 5am on the conference line:

1 (605) 475-4120. Enter code 3761294. Please mute your phones.

God Bless

Good morning! This morning on the prayerline “Living a Discipline prayer life” Daniel 6:1-28; Matthews 6:6. Danial was a man of Integrity, faultless, Steadfastness, Courage, Fidelity, and Favor was upon his life. He was a Man who had a discipline prayer life. Because of who he was; those in higher positions, could not find no fault in him so they came against the God that he serve. Like Daniel when people cant find fault in you they will come against your belief’s. (Example: your jobs; working more hours or days) the word says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”. They are being used by satan and his crew! Thats why its important to always have a discipline prayer life. Dont let threats or the pressure of your schedule cut into your prayer life. Prayer is essential! It is the lifeline to God. Like Daniel, we need to pray morning, noon and night so that when scary test and trails come our way, we already equipped to face it & it will not effect us, but it will show our strength and courage in the face of others; that the God that we serve is the only Living and Wise God! Actions speaks louder then words! 4 things to keep in mind: God hears prayers, God heeds to prayers, God answer prayers, & God delivers by prayer! Be Bless & build your prayerlife in God.

Please share your thoughts….

God Bless

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  1. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this: Prayer has so many benefits : it calms, it comforts, it allows direct communication to God who loves us. It is available 24/7. It’s not dependent on anything other than me to use it(no cell phone, WiFi needed). It allows a space for brutal honesty, no secrets, hold nothing back communication. It can be short or long, and anytime and when I can’t speak I know without a doubt that my silence is immediately understood. It’s A gift because it’s the only communication that is in the moment that covers all my communication needs. Having held so much inside most of my life.. prayer has allowed me FREEDOM and in return I get to feel Gods love, experience HIS love, be comforted by HIS love. I’m an advocate for prayer … it’s changed my life in a way that NOTHING else could!
    This mornings prayer line was right on time! Stay blessed yall🙏🏽


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