Dancing With Death

“It’s so quiet”

“Shhh” she said

“It’s so dark”

“Close your eyes” she said

“Im so cold”

“I know” she said

Her gown was black satin. Beautiful. Fitted.

She was stunning.


Hair long, black and straight. Silver streaks accented her face

Yes she was striking! She glowed!

Her small hand out stretched, reaching for a partner…

She wants to dance…

“It’s so quiet”

“Shhh” he said

“It’s so dark”

“I’m right here” he said

“It’s so cold”

“I’ve got you” he said

He was handsome.

Dressed in black.

Eyes dark. Arms strong.

His arms outstretched toward her

He wants to dance…

She stepped toward him…

It’s the first of the last step of this dance…

Shh…it’s dark

Shh… it’s quiet



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