Songs… the backdrop of my life

I can’t live without music. Music is necessary. It’s like air. It’s like food. It’s literally the backdrop of my life. It is what I go to when my reality needs comfort. (Meaning I’m ALWAYS in need of music). It’s not the music that I need, it’s the lyrics. The lyrics resonate inside my very being. The lyrics often allow me to say what I need to say or they express how I’m feeling. The lyrics are telling my story with music… it’s like a music video in my head.

Each of the below songs …have saved me! Each of them is my go-to when I just can’t anymore. I play them loud… I can pick one and just play it over and over and over and over and over again. Needing to get out whatever I need to through the lyrics and music. I can listen to one song on repeat for days.

Ever bored or tired of them? No. Some of these songs have been with me from my childhood… others came along later and some are very recent additions. All have one thing In common… they save me!

More to come about each song… but in the meantime… what songs have touched your life? Can you relate to music being such a necessary part of your life? Can you share with me a song choice that is the backdrop of your life?

Don’t let me go – Raign

You don’t have to cry- Rene & Angela

I hope you dance – Lee Ann Womack

Hello – Adele

Savin me – Nickelback

My Immortal – Evanescence

We all sleep alone – Cher

Because of you -Kelly Clarkson

Can you stand the rain – New Editon

Father Figure- George Michael

Wildflower- New Birth

Mirror mirror – Diana Ross

Love me for me – Lisa Lisa


  1. Yes, I can totally relate!!! Some of the songs you listed are some of my go to music along with the following:

    Healing – Kelly Price
    Better Days – Dianne Reeves
    Karma – Alicia Keys
    Wanna Be Happy – Kirk Franklin
    Worth Fighting For – Brian Courtney Wilson
    Pieces of Me – Ledisi and
    Piano in the Dark – Brenda Russell

    Just to name a few!!!

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    • Janis Joplin is an amazing singer. Writing is the important part of the music that I love. It’s the words. The story. The meaning behind the words. I have great respect for those that enjoy writing … it often in others words that I have found my ability to speak. Keep writing 😊💕 and thank you for commenting and reading this post. 💗


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