Always tell the truth…

“Always tell the truth regardless of

how uncomfortable!”

Hmmm. I tried that recently and it left me alone.

Truth? Hmmm….

Perhaps the lie is what people

want to hear?

The truth makes one vulnerable and exposed.

Survivors know that truth is difficult if not almost impossible sometimes.

Here’s an example:

“How are you today?”


Yep there’s the lie.

Let’s try it again..,

“How are you today?”

” my emotions are causing me so much pain I can barely breath”

“I’m not ok”

“I need … (fill in the blank)”

Yep I’ll stick with the ” I’m fine”

Anything other than that and I feel

vulnerable and exposed.

So when someone says they are “fine”…

Remember they are most likely willing to die with lie… the fear that the listener can’t handle their reality is worth the lie. Actually the reality is far worse. I’m learning that no one wants the truth…

it’s ok though… or is it?

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