First there was one… then there was two

As shocked as I am to say this…. there are now two…

First there was Mr. D…. Yorkiepoo! Let’s hear it for the breed! Friendly, loves to cuddle and enjoys sleeping under the blankets… summer or winter.

Hes my boy! Love is Mr. D

Now there are two…

Ms B… she is a Cavachon . (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise)

The cutest thing Ive seen in a long time. She is about 2lbs..(maybe). She fit right in with the house hold. She is calm and loves cuddling.

Originally the search was for a Tea Cup Pomerainian. The search was on very strong. But a visit to a wonderful local breeder: out to be a moment ment to be.

Three things I have learned with finding the right dog:

I. Research yourself. Meaning look at your lifestyle. Are you active? Are you more of a chill person? Are you hyper? Are you a calm individual? Are you ready for the many trying months of puppy stage? Are you ready to dedicate your self to responsibilities of another life? Meaning year after year and year…. up to forever? Yes forever! Nothing lasts for ever. That’s so true but since dogs don’t come with an expiration date…. forever is what you are signing up for. Are you prepared to make changes to your living environment? Your daily routine? Your schedule? All in the effort to accomidate a love like no other? If yes… then keep reading… if no… still keep reading. LOL

2. What breed are you attracted to? Why? Think these questions through all the way? Are you attracted to a breed because your Aunt has the same dog and you want a dog just like hers? Maybe you saw a movie and you want that dog from that movie? Maybe you just like the way the dog looks. The most important thing here is to do some research of the breeds you are interested in. Different breeds are known for different things.. some are working breeds meaning they are more active. Some are known for being more relaxed.

3. If you’ve made it this far then I hope this last statement will make sense…Let the dog choose you. What I mean is once yourve done all the work. All you have to do is be open to letting the dog choose you.

Weither its at a shelter or a breeder sit amoungs the dogs and let the dogs be around you. The greatest feeling is siiting amoungs the dogs and interactinve with them and suddenly there is one… the one who wants you… the look the personality.. its all there… You can feel it. You just know.

And that’s how MS. B…. arrived here…

see her pics..

Let me know what you think of her… and my list of things to do.


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