The love of my life….

To the love of my life
You are exactly where you should be in your life. I wouldn’t want to change that for you.
Know that i think of you way more than I care to admit. I remember the times of laughter, comfort, and love.
I remember there has been hurt too.
For that Im sorry, but know that I wouldn’t change a thing. What we had would have not survived if we had stayed together. And all that you deserved, has occurred because we are apart.
You deserved more than I could give you.
I hope you are happy! I pray you are loved. Most of all I wish you understanding
that transcends all understanding.
I remain here in this life… memories of you are just below the surface.
I loved you then. I should have told you… risked my pride.
We both know we would not have survived in a relationship then. You had needs and I couldn’t give them to you. I have problems that needed to be fixed.
Fast forward to today!
Love, peace, warmth, connection….
Yep connection. That’s what you are … you are my connection to a love that was amazing and deep!
One day, our love will fly… just not today.

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