This moment is theirs…

Facing each other

She stands just out of his reach

She reaches out to touch his face

He reaches out, pulls her close

Shyness intrudes as she looks away

He senses all that she can not say to him

She needs to be reassured that it’s ok

He tilts her chin to capture her gaze

They lock eyes and the moment is so real

He whispers softly words she needs to hear

Her heart captures what her ears miss

This moment is theirs

Her hands rest on his chest

She feels his heart racing just below its surface

Her gaze reassures him

She whispers his name

She confesses her love that’s his to be gained

He is in her heart she is in his arms

This moment is theirs

Slowly he lowers his head closing in

He shows her what his words can not express

Intimacy of the heart

For her it’s like a fairy tale or a passionate rhyme

A moment like this she can’t believe it’s true

For she’s in the arms of the man she loves and he loves her too

This moment is theirs

In this moment loves power overrules

Her arms wrap around his neck

Her head he pulls close to his chest

They hold on to hope, trust, love

Squeezing tight not wanting to let go

This moment is theirs