MY PTSD has a cure….

Rewind the tape of my life back to the first time she hit me….

No… that’s not right…. rewind it back to the day I was born…

No…that’s not far enough… in my case rewind it back to before conception…

Wait …we would have to rewind my birth mothers life experiences as well …and that of my fathers too..

Well if i really think about it, we would have to go and rewind the life of my grandparents as well…

Wait .. even then we still haven’t gone back far enough…

Here’s the reality I can’t just snap my fingers and rewind the past. No one gets a do over …as sad as that it.

So what is the cure for my PTSD? Nothing. I already have it.

How do we make sure no one else gets it the way I did? Prevention.

How do we prevent it? Listening to those of us who struggle with it.

Learn from those of us that have it.

Allow us to speak our truth of what happened that caused it.


Stop. Change. Prevent children from being abused.

You see there is no cure for MY PTSD.


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