It’s a house…

It’s under construction…

It has many rooms…

It’s big…

Last night I dreamt of a house.

It was on the street where I grew up.

It wasn’t the same house though…

Structurally it was different…

The houses across the street were the same as they were back then.

Two of the houses had large signs “Abandoned” on them. Two others had a sign on them stating they were “under construction”.

My house was under construction too. No sign though…

My dad was there. He was helping to construct the house. My birth mother was there as well. She was supposed to be helping to build the house but she wasn’t.

It was so real…

I awoke with a clear memory and the sense that I had been transported to a place as real as my dream.

The small details of the dream are unimportant at this time.

How life like the dream was is the point.

This dream wasn’t a nightmare, but it wasn’t just a dream. It was somewhere in between.

Sometimes I just want to dream as much as I can… something happy, something adventurous, something funny, something romantic, something possible..

…when you’ve lived nightmares and they then become your dreams you long for the dreams that are just that … dreams

Tonight I wish to …. just dream…


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