It’s cold, wet and raining

It’s not ideal but it’s not snowing

The rain drops beat to their own drum against the roof

Snow would have been much quieter, softer, more lovely

Sitting on the wood floor of the cabin in a yoga pose arms reaching for the heavens.

Inhale… hold. Exhale… release

The warmth of the fireplace reminded her of a warm hug

Inhale… hold … Exhale… release… arms slow, softly lowered to her lap

Yoga allows for the mind to clear, dressed in her favorite pink exercise outfit… sitting on the wood floor has not produced the clearing of the mind she had hoped for.

The rain… disturbed every moment of quiet. The beating of the drum. Irratic, out of sync with her desire for rhythm.

Hands pressed together, head bowed her long black hair falls soft to her elbows framing her view hiding the only light present, that of the fire.

The cracking of the fire place is her focus. Allowing this to drown out the beating of the rain. Closing her eyes she again…

Inhale…. hold. Exhale… release.

Inhale.. hold. Exhale … release

Rain beating, fire crackling, breathe softly sighing. In that moment she found the song. The background needed to support this moment of self care.

It was beautiful, calm, mind is free, no thoughts just her breath, inhale… hold. Exhale… release.

Her body felt light and her mind free supported by the music of the environment. Oh such peace. Stay focused in this moment… the food shopping list suddenly jumps to mind…. Refocus. BREATH…

She was free, mentally calm, no noise just the rhythm of the room…

The room is warm, a beautiful place to unwind… comfy with large pillows all around

Arms up… breath in… hold…. exhale arms softly fall to her side.

Mom! Mom! Immediately she opens her eyes to find four other eyes staring at her. Big grins… “Mom when are you coming to play dolls with us?” Said the Twins together. Both leaning over the side of the tub playing with bubbles in the water.” I’m coming right now” she says as she shoos them out the bathroom.

They giggle and rush out the room headed back to their world of playing and She heads back to her world of being a Mom…

It’s cold, wet, and raining….

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