My Favorite Color…

Sunday, August 14, 2011
A child taken apart loses things

Like the ability to reach out

Or the ability to be

Confidence in who you are, is what is needed to

Be able to accomplish, and do all you do

I had a favorite color…one day and one time

But for some reason, I can’t find it in my mind

I think it was yellow bright like the sun

It was a color in the rainbow, I just can’t remember which one

It could have been red or blue or orange or green

But whatever it was ….it was a part of me

I lost that child, in a swamp of bad stuff…

I am regaining her spirit today, but it’s been rough

I can’t remember which color was a favorite of mine

It was special, and seeing it made me feel divine

That color, was my favorite back then

Since I am starting my life and beginning again…

I’ve decided to choose a new color…its true!

It can’t be red or green or blue

You see….it must be a mixture of colors I’ve seen

Because it needs to reflect the mixture of me

I have chosen this color as a new beginning in time

It is my color of choice…it reflects my life

It is Orangey Peachy Yes!… that’s my favorite color today

It is my life, and a representative in a way

Of a beginning for a me, a truth that I feel

Orangey Peachy is my favorite color, and that’s a big deal!

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