Books inspire…

Friday, July 29, 2011
There are many books out there that Ive read that have been of inspiration and value to me thru my journey… Some of them I read years ago… others have been more recent… but thru each one i have been able to find a familiarity…. a sense of ….. “heh ive been through that”…. or “ive felt that way to”….. or “thank god… im not crazy… someone else feels that too”……..It has been a passage or a scene or a thought…. It was often a moment of comfort…. a moment that I felt part of a group.. a sense of being “home”…. a sense of belonging…. For a moment something that I didnt get as a child was found in the words of someone elses writing…. and the moment was good.. I got to breath it in and it became a part of me… I got to feel and experience that what I needed to help put the pieces of me together….
There are books

“A Child Called It” by Dave Peltzer…

“Charred Souls” by Trena Cole ….

“Finding Fish” by Antwone Fisher….
and many others…however finding them was always my biggest challenge…. I find myself in the local book stores looking for books that describe the experiences of childhood trauma…. why? I find myself looking for validation on my experience and feelings then… as well as my feelings now. Im looking for a connection…

Books allow me to have that connection…

“Charred Souls” by Trena Cole was a book that I found online… it is a book that I have in my collection as an actual book… With the ebooks now available… I have found it easier to just download books to my phone and read. However, there are some books that I appreciate having the actual paper tangible copy in my hands… this book is one of them. There is inspiration inside the pages… Ill be sharing my inspirational moments in my future posts….

Lunch time here.. will post again in a bit…

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