I can’t reach out today….

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I can’t reach out today

Not that I don’t want to anyway

For my past is the reason why

I never learned to reach from inside

I’ve tried to reach out … oh yes I have

I’ve wanted to reach out and be heard oh so bad

But demons… Yes, that’s what they are

Are afraid you will see my scars

Don’t want to be judged for feeling scared

Want to be held and feel cared

Afraid you will reject that which I’ve felt so long

Why? Cause you have never experienced my song

The melody I carry inside continues to show… but sometimes hides

I am hurting and it’s not my pride

I wish for arms big and strong to hold me 

A chest to lay on and a space to be me

For I have fallen…. for just a short time

It happens every once in awhile

Each time I figure it out on my own

Today is no different, I am alone

I can’t reach out…. wish it was safe 

But I’m not sure if you can hear my pain

Don’t want nothing from you 
Just a moment in time

Time that you would listen to my rhyme

For in my tears and feelings of pain

Is a child that surfaces over and over again

She is an adult… most of the time 

But today…. she is a child of mine

Please don’t hurt her as she is trying to learn 

If reaching out will mean she gets burned

She wants … No, she needs to cry

She is asking for you to be by her side

Hold her for just a moment in time

For she will grow up to be an adult of mine.

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