Final entry- Fibroids

Aside from the physical issues i was experiencing I didn’t have time accrued at work to take off for time needed to heal from major surgery. Time of without pay was not an option I’m a single parent. What do I do?
Uterine ablation. My gyn said it might not work but it might slow things down. I would only need 4 days off and I knew I could arrange my work schedule to support this without missing pay… out patient procedure…. let me just say my hopes were up. I needed this to work. I woke up after the surgery and…. long story short it didn’t work. My experience actually got worse … I had a continually period that lasted months!!! Pain??? Let’s not go there… walking, standing, sitting, sleeping.. was all painful, uncomfortable and every move gave me anxiety that a blood scene was going to occur.

Finally I just couldn’t take it any more.. I decided to see my dr again… several months after the first procedure i signed up for a hysterectomy. I was a month away from qualifying for extended leave at my job … I couldn’t stand the pain anymore … I was exhausted from blood loss and exhausted from not feeling good everyday! I had the surgery! My major concern was to leave the ovaries or keep them. My dr and I decided that if the ovaries presented any issues when she opened me up .. then take them out .. if not leave them. She left them. The surgery was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It gave me a new lease on life. I bought white pants😃.. I felt free. Recovery was tough: gas in your chest hurts to the point there are no words to describe how bad. I slept sitting up for a week. Walking was more than a struggle. It was a tough recovery for the first ten days but it got easier and easier and I returned to work 4 weeks later a new woman.

My decision for a hysterectomy worked for me due to my age, the fact that I am done having kids and I needed a solution that would be permanent.

I don’t suggest it for everyone as everyone’s situation is different. What I do support is early detection, reviewing all options and doing what is best for you as soon as you see a change in your cycle. Save your self some of the heartache and pain and embarrassment. Trust your instincts. If I had done that… I would have saved myself two years of suffering.

I share my story to encourage ….

Comments are welcome. I’d appreciate hearing others experiences with fibroids.

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