Good morning …. Stand!

Much harder to do than it sounds. It seems once I decided to totally stand on Gods word… the enemy attacked. Ive learned that the enemy attacks the things that deep down are major concerns to us… children, jobs, homes, etc. I’ve learned that it’s in those moments my faith has to be stronger than yesterday or even that morning…. or even the minute before. Im learning to breathe and remind myself who’s Child I am.

God WILL DO what HE said HE will do! PERIOD!

I can’t be wishy washy with my belief… I either know or don’t know that HEs got me! GODs ALWAYS HAD ME…. I KNOW! In the past I just didn’t recognize with the clarity I have now. So this morning I say I AM STANDING! I WILL CONTINUE TO STAND! When the doubt starts I push against it Roman 8:31 “If God be for me Who can be against me”.

If you are having doubts or trouble standing just know someone else out here gets it….
But I’m going to be living proof of what GOD can do cause I’m going to keep standing.
I ask that you stand with me through whatever you are going through!

Pray for me in my strength to stand! I’ll pray for you! Touch and agree with me for the strength for others to be able to stand with us as well!

Stay blessed yall


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