My Friday Angel

My Friday Angel- from Sept 2105
So it’s been rough and tough times… Last $5.00 in change .. Car on “e” it’s 500pm, there is a lot of traffic, and I have to make it to bank to cash my check before it closes so I can get more gas so I can get home from work. I work an hour from home… Any way paid the attendant with my change… He gave me one of those”WTF” looks… I’m waiting for him to pump the gas and I notice a lady come up to the pump I’m on and swipe her card and tell the attendant something and she walked away… I leaned out the car and asked the attendant what was going on and he says” she just paid for $25.00 of gas for you” I must have looked like a deer in headlights because he says .. “I thought you knew her”. I got out my car and she was getting gas for her car right behind mine… I could feel the tears coming … She simply said “God just spoke to me told me to pay it forward.”

I gave her a hug and she hugged me back. “Thank you & God Bless” didn’t seem like enough but it was all I could say…

I got in my car, got stuck in traffic, sat in the drive up window @ the bank for 15min+ but I did cash my check.
If it hadn’t been for that lady I don’t know that I would have made it on the $5.00 I had.

All I can still say is “God Bless my Friday Angel and Thank You”

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