Daniel Fast – My Experience

I tried it and at first i thought i failed. Day 3 at 6pm I started to feel sooooo sick. Nausea, sweating and a deep sense of hunger or maybe it was low sugar. One thing for sure I was sick! The kind of sick that you think you might die. Immediately I started shoving chocolate cake and orange juice and spaghetti in my mouth. It took almost 3 hours for me to feel better physically. It took a week for me to feel better spiritually.

I spoke out loud my promise to God. “Im going to fast for 21 days”. On day three i failed! Or at least i thought i failed.

I mean, God has been so good to me and i couldn’t complete the fast? Really? Oh the guilt oh the shame!

Today is a week and I’m physically better and spiritually because of a truth I had to accept: I need to do as God instructs me. I know God for myself. I know who He is to me. The great part. He knows me and loves me and can forgive me and train me in the way I need to go.

This was my first fast. I went in whole hearted. I also went in uneducated. Perhaps next time I should start slower … instead of immediate changing my entire diet completely. Perhaps i should eliminate one or two things from my diet. Start slowly.

I did gain something from the fast. I drink more water, added almonds to my snack list and coffee doesn’t seem as necessary as before.

I love God and He loves me. I’ll try fasting again and yes I’m going to give it my all. Wisdom is key and that’s what God gives.

I will try fasting again … and I’ll give it my all… and whatever happens.. MY God will love me thru it!

If you’ve tried the Daniel Fast or any fasting for spiritual growth … share your experience?

please and thank you

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