Cord cutting… I did it!

I cut the cord! Yessssss I did it! Jumping for joy and screaming at the top of my lungs … “I’m freeeeeeee”

No more contracts. No more outrageous Cable bills. No more bundles and packages that i don’t understand or care about. No more extra charges that weren’t disclosed in the beginning but showed up later on my bill. No more rental fees and “other charges”. No more!!!

Yes I’m happy and I’ll admit I was a little scared. However, a little research, a reality check and some confidence… I am now cable free!

I was raised in a time when watching TV cost the initial purchase of the TV and the electric to run it. Yes there was an antenna on the house but everyone had them. There was also rabbit ears on the tv which if we added some aluminum foil and angled them just right we could get channels from a near by state too.

Well that time disappeared and was replaced with cable and boxes and hundreds and hundreds of channels. As a child it was fascinating and even in my early 20’s it was interesting. But as with a lot of things the novelty wore off.

So I’m now team Roku and Sling TV and Netflix with an internet plan… everything is month to month and Im spending way less than ever.

I don’t have hundreds of channels but I have the few that I watch. I also have access to a dvr thru the sling app.

I’m happy with my new set up. My tv watching hasn’t missed a beat. Freedom at last!

Have you cut the cord? What’s been your experience? Have you blogged about your experience? Let’s connect… I’m looking to learn and share…


  1. LOL! You are hilarious girl. I remember those times with the foiled rabbit ears, and we were the remote controls! We haven’t cut the cord yet, mainly because I have no idea what or how to do any of that stuff. And hubby will go into withdrawals if he doesn’t have his nascar on Sunday afternoons (I don’t think I’d survive it either even though I don’t watch it). I really need to look into it.
    Congrats on cutting the cord!!

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    • Awe thanks! And yes we were the remote controls😂… my favorite was using pliers to change the channel when we broke the dial. It’s not as complicated as it seems to cut the cord… I learned by googling info and I joined a few cord cutter FB groups 😂… it’s a process but worth it… depending on what channel nascar comes on it may be available thru Sling TV… Thanks again for responding and If you decide to move forward with cutting the cord .. I’m here 😊

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