Donald or Hillary or …

Usually I stay away from political discussions. Politics can bring out deep seeded issues, concerns, and cause negative conversations and perceptions. But today, I’m gonna jump in the pool and try to at least tread water …

So the question is, who did you vote for? Before you answer, I want to propose another thought… does it matter? Truly, does it matter?

Arguments for why it does matter can range from, if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain in the future or, voting changes things so vote. My favorite one was, vote to choose the lesser of the two evils for office.

Ok, so you voted, and now we have a President in office. Our President, and his actions, are all over the news, Twitter, Facebook etc…Much seems to be negative, with an occasional sprinkle of positive here and there. It’s sad that there is so much negative stated about the head of this country.

So who did you vote for? Who did I vote for? I voted for God! 😳

Many of you are now thinking: Well, HE wasn’t on the ballet. But if you think about it… Gods always in the mist! HE is always with us. HE is in our lives everyday, and HE can produce change. A change that no man can do on his own. So yes, I voted for God to have his way!

So our current President is elected into office, and I think: Ok God. Happy or sad is not important here. Like him, dislike him, is not important here. Feel that the election was rigged? Not important here- (anything done in the dark will come to light). So what’s important? Prayer!

I’m praying for our President, no different than I’ve prayed for ones in the past. My prayer is simple… “Have your way God!” My God can do what man cant!

I’ve never been the President, so I can’t even imagine the job and all that it entails. I’m sure that it’s stressful and presents more issues than anyone can prepare for. Oh, but God!! God provides, God changes, God loves, God gives, God protects… Glory!!!!

So again… who did I vote for? I voted for God. Regardless of the names on the ballets and who won in the end. God has to be welcomed from the beginning to the end of a process. Prayer from the start to the end, that God will have his way…

Change is what God does…

It’s known that where two or more come together in HIS name … there is power in that.

Will you touch and agree with me??… Lets pray for our President, that God will have HIS way…

Giving the office of the President to God, is one less thing to worry about…

In truth, we don’t have to worry about anything because GODs got us!

Stay blessed y’all and thanks for reading!


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