F.A.T … Yes I am!

Before you come at me… it’s an acronym for Faith, Available, Teaching.. here’s the link that breaks it down https://touched2mysoul.com/2018/02/05/prayer-line-god-uses-f-a-t-people/

For me, I relate things I often learn to my childhood, probably because it’s the area that has had the biggest impact on my life.

Children are born F.A.T. We are born faithful to our care takers: It’s all we know. We love those that take care of us. We are born available: at the service and will of our parents. We are born teachable: we are sponges taking everything in. A child is naturally faithful, is naturally available and naturally teachable. As a child, I always held hope that if I just kept the faith my mother would love me. If I kept doing what she said, one day she would look at me and love me.

For me, one of my greatest moments of pain was I went to my mother as an adult after all she had done and she took one look at me and told me I was not welcome there. I remember my thoughts and the hurt. It all came from knowing how faithful I had been to her continued cruelty.. keeping secrets, forgiving her, and hoping that she would change. How available I was to her… not by choice but still I was left to her wishes. How I learned to do what she wanted or needed, all in an effort to please regardless of my thoughts or feelings. She was in charge of my life.

We all want to arrive in heaven and hear GOD say “Well done” As the Winans song says I want to be able to say “millions didn’t make it but I was one of the ones who did” I’m looking forward to that day. I don’t want to be rejected by God.

As a child we didn’t know any better we had nothing else to do but be faithful, available and teachable. As a child who experienced abuse each of those areas were challenged often a and daily but I continued to press on because it was all I knew.

As an adult I know more, my spirit knows more… one example is that it wasn’t my mothers will but God’s will that I was born. (I just understood this in the past few years.) With that being my focus point, I work now to be F.A.T with God. The same as I was with my mother. I am HIS child and I have been reborn faithful to God: It’s all I know. I love Him. He takes care of me. I have been reborn available: at the service and will of My God. I have been reborn teachable: I am a sponge taking the Word in. I am Gods child: naturally faithful, naturally available and naturally teachable.

God is good! Stay bless y’all!

Does this make sense? Do you have a testimony? Comments are always welcome…


  1. I’ve always liked the verse that says evrn if our father and mothers forsake us, the Lord will take us up. I’m sorry your mother was cruel to you. That is devastating.

    I was thinking this morning about our sufferings and how God always brings something good out of them. One thing they do very well is send us running to God. “Therefore, I will glory in my infirmities, for when I am weak, he is strong.”

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    • Amen! That is one of my favorite verses in the Bible… “If my father and mother forsake me…” I’m grateful for the good and the bad… it’s made me the person I am, humbled me before God and pushed me closer to God. To God be the glory! In all things give Him praise! Thank you for reading my blog and for taking the time to comment. I am grateful for the connection. God Bless

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  2. Bonnell I love the story you wrote about; it was very very Encouraging I loved the way you used the anonym of F.A.T as a child! look how God spoke to you to give to others. You just don’t know how Blessed I am to be connected to you in the Spirit. God is so Awesome Words can not express how I feel right now. Please keep doing what you are doing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through your testimony!!

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