Changing my Praise

To Praise the Lord..

To be able to praise the Lord is powerful for me. Its a reminder of who He is and why I am.

As I sit in this office and listen to all that people say, I realize I wish I could just fly away. Often being encouraged to speak, to say things that are not kind. Gossip & drama it’s called, and it’s juicy and interesting, and sometimes calls me by name, and if I join in, I am the one to blame. Temptation is temptation but once you act on it, it’s behavior.

I entered the building with prayer, asking Him to go with me.

As the day went on I found myself asking God for help, asking for guidance, even just asking for HIS company. Always asking…

I’m glad I know God and can ask…

But, I’ve realized that for me,I need to change my communications with God. Especially during the moments when I feel drawn into things of the world: Drawn into feelings of fear, feelings of loneliness, boastfulness, gossip, drama, the need to prove that I’m right, the need to control a situation. Instead of asking … right then and there I need to praise HIM. I must step into a place of joy. I must put my mind on being grateful and my heart on being thankful. That’s right I’m going to praise HIM!!!!! I’m going to praise HIM out loud!

Praising God makes me humble, grateful, and reminds me that it’s ALL GOD and NEVER me. Praising HIM opens my heart, my mind, and allows room for GOD. It welcomes HIM. The joy of praising HIM fills me up to overflow. I can’t contain it…It’s like a fire in my bones. The joy just pours out.

So yes, I’m still gonna pray, and yes, I’m sure I’m still gonna ask, but I’m gonna make it my duty to praise HIM when I feel pulled in the wrong direction. I’m not praising God for the wrong direction… I’m praising HIM for HIS WORD and the knowledge that Im blessed to be able to choose GODs way and not mans.

Pray for me as I continue my journey with GOD!

Hallelujah! Ain’t God awesome?


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