DNA Results Are In…

Your DNA is the same as my DNA! Exactly the same!

Now before you think this the rantings of a crazy women. Hang in here with me for just a minute..

My DNA is the same as your DNA!

I promise you this is true!

Your moms DNA is the same as my mother’s DNA.

My son’s DNA is the same as your son’s DNA.

My father’s, mother’s, brother’s, sister’s, DNA is the same as your father’s, mother’s, brother’s, sister’s, DNA..

So is your daughter’s, aunt’s, uncle’s and even your best friend’s..

Look at the definition of DNA: “a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes.” So again my DNA is exactly the same as your DNA…

You see, I ran my DNA…. by God and the results said:

D = Do

N = Not

A = Abuse

Do Not Abuse

Gods results say…not mans!

If you are in an abusive relationship get help. Get safe. God didn’t make you to be abused.


  1. Yes!!! I Love it! You are not alone! Abuse effective us all in many ways rather it be Physical, Mental, or Verbal weall dont have to allow abuse to continue to effective us any more. Its time to pull the covers of it; RRVEAL it! Open the closet Door and let the Secret out! Yell out loud “ITS NOT MY FAULT!” and as you speak it start taking responsiblity of your life! And be a Survivor!! #I am a survivor of Sexual abuse, Verbal abuse and Mental! If it had not been for Jesus! I would still be a Victim and maybe an Abuser myself.

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    • Amen the truth sets us free! You are a testimony that God is Awesome and deserves all praise! Thank God we can praise HIM together!!! I am a living testimony that survival is tough once you’ve been emotionally, physically and mentally abused … oh but God! If it had not been for the Lord!!!! No one could have done for me what HE has done for me!!! We have a testimony!! We are survivors!!!Thank You Jesus!!!! We broke the chain of our ancestors!! HALLELUJAH!!!!


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